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"We make connections, explain why things are organized in a certain way and indicate where the information is available."

ApproachEdouc BV provides knowledge on customs procedures and legislation. It is our aim to learn participants to find their way in this complex field of rules and regulations. We link daily practice to legislation and we explain why things are arranged the way they are.

We do not teach how to make a declaration but we learn people where to find the necessary information to do it themselves. These skills are much more sustainable. Once experienced in finding the right information one can also find it after the contents have changed. In this approach it is not necessary to attend training courses again and again to update your customs knowledge.


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Do you have any questions or do you wish information, please contact us.

Address Emelaarseweg 5, 3791 PS Achterveld
Phone +31342 451002
Mail info@edouc.nl
web www.edouc.nl



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