Knowledge in the field of customs procedures, legislation and processes

Training Edouc BV offers knowledge of customs legislation and the procedures based on this legislation for companies and their employees. These people are dealing with import, export, transport and storage of goods in their day to day job. Our aim is to teach people customs what is relevant for the business they operate in.

We learn participants to find their way in the available information related to customs procedures and legislation. Although we deliver some supporting materials the emphasis of our working method is finding the information. Most of this information can be found on the internet. Doing so it is easy to keep the knowledge obtained up to date. In other words: it is not necessary to attend refresher courses occasionally.

The overview below is meant as an example of our approach. It shows what specific knowledge is appropriate for certain types of business.


Our aim is to be as effective as possible. We start with an intake to examine the knowledge of the participants. We are also interested in what tasks they need this knowledge and we take into account their day to day practice. In the program to be developed we take into account these facts found in the intake.


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There still is some uncertainty about the agreement EU and UK will establish as from the first of January 2021 but it is a fact that Brexit is going to happen. In the area of customs procedures this will affect international trade and transportation. In particular companies which do have the UK as their only export destination outside the EU will face procedures they are not used to. Although it is uncertain what agreement will be the result of the negotiations between UK and the EU, we are sure import and export declarations have to be lodged in trade between both parties. This is completely new. .

For logistical parties it is important that exporters and importers in the inland declare their goods before approaching the border (ports and airports) in order to avoid traffic jams and loss of time and money at these borders. The above picture of Portbase shows us the five steps to get ready for Brexit. (click on the picture to enlarge).

We do conduct short courses and trainings on customs procedures and related items for employees of companies dealing with these problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do for you..


Do you have any questions or do you wish information, please contact us.

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