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Everyone involved in international transport of goods sooner or later has to deal with customs procedures. In our region these procedures are no longer established by national governments but by the European Union and sometimes by the World Customs Organization. As a result of this customs procedures are universal and we do things more or less in the same way worldwide.

Customs procedures once were designed to ensure the proper levying of import duties. One of the features of import duties is that they cannot be reimbursed in general once paid. This is the result of the fact that import duties are depending on the type of product and the situation. Import duties differ from one type of goods to another and from one country of origin to another. Import duties sometimes are dependent on a certain use of the goods.

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Training Edouc BV offers knowledge of customs legislation and the procedures based on this legislation for companies and their employees. These people are dealing with import, export, transport and storage of goods in their day to day job. Our aim is to teach people customs what is relevant for the business they operate in.

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Approach Edouc BV provides knowledge on customs procedures and legislation. It is our aim to learn participants to find their way in this complex field of rules and regulations.

We link daily practice to legislation and we explain why things are arranged the way they are.

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International projects To a certain extend customs knowledge is universal.

Customs procedures are relatively efficient, both in Europe and in the rest of the western world. At least they are designed to facilitate trade as much as possible and to avoid hampering the international flow of goods.

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